Please read the Terms & Conditions below:​

  • Please advise us before commencing any session if, for any reason, your health or your ability to exercise changes.

  • It is inadvisable to do Pilates between weeks 8 to 14 of pregnancy, unless by special arrangement with your teacher. It is also wise to wait six weeks after the birth before resuming exercise.

  • Pilates exercises are very safe but, as with all forms of physical exercise, it is prudent to consult your doctor before starting Pilates sessions.

  • These sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the exercises, you should refer back to your medical practitioner.

  • The teacher can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation in a session if:

    • Your doctor has, on health grounds, advised you against such exercise

    • You fail to observe instructions on safety or technique

    • Such injury is caused by the negligence of another participant in the class/studio/ Exercise should be performed at a pace which feels comfortable for you. Pain is the body's warning system and should not be ignored. Please inform your teacher immediately if you feel any discomfort during a session. Please also inform your teacher if you felt any discomfort after a previous session.

  • Classes are billed in terms and are payable in advance of the start of the term by either online payment transfer or cash at the first class in full​

  • If you are unable to attend a class, you may switch to another class that week by contacting the teacher to ensure there is space in the session you wish to attend

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