In addition to the standard T&Cs set out on the 'Terms & Conditions' page, please read these additional T&Cs if you taking part in my online videos:​

  • You understand that you are exercising at home, unsupervised and thus are responsible for your own safety and will follow the guidelines given below and any instructions given during the video.  To this effect, you will ensure that you exercise in a quiet room that has been de-cluttered to allow full limb and body span whether standing, lying down, four point kneeling, side lying or prone using a mat or on soft carpet.  You will ensure that all forms of media are switched off for the duration of the session and devote the video exercise time to yourself

  • Any links sent to you will only be used by yourself and not shared with anyone else nor downloaded or copied to your computer

  • Terms as given on your application form will still apply

  • Allow yourself time to transition between exercises, especially coming up from the floor to standing remeber you can pause and restart when you need to

  • If for any reason you are unexpectedly disturbed  - again, take your time, your safety comes first.  Let the blood recirculate if you are liable to feel dizzy when you come up to standing just as you would in a face to face class session.

  • Only do the exercises you feel comfortable with and which are within your capacity and follow my instructions/guidelines..  Remember nothing should hurt or twinge

  • Remember, you are exercising unsupervised.  Watch the movements on the video and pause before you start to commence.  If need be do this several times so you understand what movement you are going to perform.  If you are uncertain leave that exercise and go onto the next exercise and contact me to discuss it

  • You can always contact me and I will do my best to help by email  Please include your phone number to save time in me getting back to you.  I am here to help you just as I would if we were in a class session face to face

  • let me know about any recent injuries since I last saw you.  it may affect the way you exercise in which case I would send you a different video link

  • Please provide me with any feedback you have, I am always open to suggestions and want to make these online videos as helpful and full-filling as possible

  • Have fun and enjoy!

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